Monday, July 27, 2009

Look what I finally have on my wall!

I've had these Decor Elements since I think March - considering how little time it took to actually put them up, I can't believe I waited this long! It took less than 45 minutes to put up the whole thing. I loved this tree paired with the sentiment as it's shown in the catalog - so I guess I don't win any points for originality but it's really perfect for me and my space. Sorry that the photos aren't the best - it was difficult to get good shots where there wasn't the greatest light and I was dealing with a corner in my way.

I put these up on the wall that's in the stairwell leading up to my office/studio, which you can sort of see in this photo. (I am lucky enough to work and stamp in a wonderful space over the garage that we finished out a few years ago, once we had Ben and my current office became the nursery.) I feel like the quote from Thoreau really expresses what stamping means to me - that after so many years and so many different paths, I think I've finally found what I love to do most and it feels wonderful to be pursuing this passion in my life.

Here are a couple other shots of the tree. It comes in six separate pieces that you put together on the wall to make the whole tree. (The sentiment is sold separately.)

Since this was my first time putting these on my wall, I have just a few tips.

1. Read the directions! and follow them! Let's just say that I started out making a big goof that fortunately I was able to fix.

2. Go sloooooooowly. I often found that the small leaves and letters didn't want to go onto the transfer sheet very easily. It took a lot of rubbing and sometimes even a bit of fingernail to get some of them to transfer initially. Once I figured out how to do it, I got better at it, but if you are a first-timer I would recommend a larger and less detailed image, LOL.

3. You can think of these a lot like rub-ons, on a much larger scale. I recommend trimming around the image somewhat so you have less extra backing material, and always make sure that everything is transferring as you peel off both stages of paper.

4. If you have them, it would be really helpful to have a large flat surface, like a table, available where you're putting these up. I managed to get by just holding the pieces on my lap and using the landing for my flat surface, but a table would have made it a lot easier, had I been able to use one where I was working.

I am sure I will be getting more of these now that I know how easy they are to do. If you want to see the catalog, you can click here - there is such a great variety of these available, as well as stencils. Try it - I think you'll love the result!


Christie Cottage said...


Glad you were able to get them up!

Anonymous said...

Zowie--they look GREAT!

ShortStack said...

That looks awesome!