Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some kid stuff

Here are some cute things the kids have been doing lately... sorry, no photos today!

Last night Ben read to Sarah at bedtime. They both sat in the rocking chair and Ben "read" two books he knows really well to her, and she listened to everything and it was just the cutest thing. Too bad the camera wasn't handy - I'll have to keep one close by in the future! They both love books so much - Sarah could bring us books to read all day long and never get tired of it.

Sarah continues to add new words to her vocabulary. Some of the things she's been heard saying in the past few days: "Help me," "hello" and "bye-bye," and "Stop it" (must surely have been directed at her big brother). We are still trying to impress on said big brother that if he screams "No! No! No!" then so will she. It's a process...

Ben seems to have developed a bit of an imaginary friend thing. It's a very particular imaginary friend, though - the characters on that old 70's TV show Land of the Lost. It was one of Todd's favorites and so he has the DVDs and Ben has watched it a lot. He is often heard talking to his Land of the Lost friends on the phone and telling them about his day, rescuing them in various situations, or putting them to bed (along with his stuffed animals). He has also been acting out preschool the past couple days - he has circle time and then sings "We had a great day" (to the tune of "Good Night, Ladies") which seems to be how they end each class. I'm so glad that he's doing it because it's the only way I really learn what goes on at school - if I ask him questions he just won't answer.

The only stamping of note I've done since my last post was to make my inspiration card for tomorrow, so stay tuned for that - I really need to get cooking on my stuff to sell so I'm sure the stamping room will be a busy place the next few weeks!

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