Sunday, April 5, 2009

Me and my girl

Today was our Easter egg hunt at church. I guess they do it on Palm Sunday because on Easter they have two services and think everyone will be too busy then. It's a fun tradition, and for once we had pretty nice weather. Easter in New England is usually pretty cold!

Ben wouldn't really stand still for pictures. We tried to get a family shot but the kids didn't cooperate. So I had Todd take some of Sarah and me and I love how they turned out. I hear so often how Sarah looks just like me - I actually think she looks a lot like Todd, but we do seem to have the same haircut, LOL. I can see the resemblance in this photo for sure! (You can click the photos to see them bigger.)

I love Sarah's expression in this shot.

And one with a silly toddler face, just for fun!

I had to do a little adjusting to this photo to make it look OK since Sarah was in a shadow. But I just thought she looked so sweet in it. She's our little angel - at least some of the time! :)


Joan B said...

she's darling!!!

Christie Cottage said...

Beautiful children! Your daughter is lovely like her mother :-)