Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm on a roll today

It's one of those wonderful days where I get a break from work and have lots of time for stamping! I'm really having fun making these cards for Rachel. I just finished #3 and had to share it.

I was inspired by this card, which when I went back to look at it again, found it was inspired by this card so thanks, ladies! I wanted to do something more on the masculine side so I chose this stamp from Stampin' Up's Good Things Grow set. I stamped three times in VersaColor cocoa and baby blue and Vivid! coffee bean (my favorite dark brown) on a very pale blue Bazzill cardstock. Next I stamped the background (stamp by Hero Arts) on cocoa cardstock, inked the edges and mounted on a blue card. I had the cocoa grosgrain ribbon that matched well so chose two blue panels to mount the stamps on. First I tore out the stamped squares then cut the blue panels and tore along the bottom edges. I inked the edges of both blue panels and just very lightly on the stamped images. I mounted the stamps and tied on the cocoa ribbon, then (why do I do this?) mounted it all together. Finally, holding my breath that I wouldn't screw it up, I stamped the sentiment and fortunately, it worked! I really love this card and I have a feeling I'll be doing it again, maybe for Christmas.

I know some of you out there are really reading this for the kid stories so here are a couple. There is just so much cuteness going on here sometimes that I can hardly stand it. First, here is something that Ben has come up with on his own while playing in his bed with his stuffed animals. Don't ask me to explain it because I really don't know! He takes all his baby blankets and piles them on the bed, and then drapes them into "mountains." This is called the "mountain schepchen." I'm just guessing how this is spelled, and honestly I have no idea where it comes from! And I know you're wondering - a mountain schepchen is a place where you buy mountains. So now you know. The mountains actually get blown up like balloons, by Kanga of Winnie the Pooh fame. (And Kanga in this case is actually Shasta, our stuffed snow leopard from the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, because we don't have a real Kanga and Shasta has had to assume the role.) Then once that is all done, the mountain schepchen turns into a bouncy house and all the animals have their birthdays. And finally they have to take a nap because they're tired from all the birthdays. There you go, evidence of Ben's imagination at work! It's just amazing watching what he comes up with.

Now, a Sarah story from earlier this afternoon. Sometimes Ben likes to pretend we're having our Music Together class here at home - he will put on a CD and play along to the music on a drum. He's actually pretty good at playing the rhythm of the tune on the drum, but he doesn't usually sing. Sarah has been going to music classes also, since she was about 4 weeks old, and she was really starting to get into it more when we finished our session in June. Today I decided I'd really play along with Ben, and act just like it was music class, so I put Sarah on my lap and sang the hello song (which begins every class) while trying to interact with both of them. Sarah was just wide-eyed, and at a few points while I was singing, she was moving her mouth like she was trying to sing, too! How my heart just leapt when I saw that. I will love them the same no matter what, but if one of them ended up loving singing as much as I do... it would just be such a blessing to me. This fall the music class will be happening while Ben is at his new preschool, so it will just be Sarah and me, and I'm very curious to see how that goes. I know Ben will be sad not to be able to go, but I think Sarah may really start to get involved in class, which Ben has always been reluctant to do.

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