Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kid stories

I thought I'd write up a few cute things that have been going on lately with Sarah. She is just talking all the time now - she imitates just about any word you try to get her to say. The cutest ones from this week were when she was going around with a pink ribbon up to her face and saying "I pretty" and then putting a baseball cap on backwards and saying "I silly." She just makes us laugh and smile all the time. She is also getting better at standing up to her big brother. She has started telling him "NO!" if he's doing something she doesn't like. Good for her, I say, and maybe he'll decide to model a better kind of behavior for her.

Ben is in a bit of a tough phase right now. He usually doesn't like to answer my questions about school or anything else - he'll get a coy look on his face and say "Don't ask me about that" or something similar. Worse, he often tells me to stop talking to/messing with him if I'm trying to settle him down or get him to listen to something important or even change his diaper. He must be wanting more independence on some level, even though when it comes to daily life he doesn't indicate that too often. I have tried hard to encourage him to do more things for himself but usually he just refuses and I don't want to be battling all the time. We are both too stubborn to constantly be at loggerheads like that. Pick your battles, pick your battles... But he is definitely growing up. I think I've forgotten to mention that he's switched to mostly calling me and Todd Mom and Dad. It was a shock at first but I guess I've gotten used to it. I just didn't expect it to happen when he was 3! And now he's practically 4. Wow. They say that when one of your kids is being an angel the other one is being a monster... I guess we know which has been which around here lately, and I wonder when the changeover is going to happen! If they both are monsters at once, heaven help me.

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