Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin pictures!

Today was a gorgeous day so we went to get pumpkins (and mums) finally. Sarah had such a good time she didn't want to go home! We spent a bit of time in the actual pumpkin patch, but Sarah kept tripping over the vines. And hrmph, it looked like most of the pumpkins were just lying on the ground anyway. Since Todd's favorite holiday is Halloween, it took a while to find the perfect pumpkin, and we ended up with 52 pounds' worth! (Not all in one pumpkin.) Here are my favorite photos of the kids, and if you want to see more, click here.

Here are a couple more cute photos - I managed to snap one of Ben reading to Sarah. The second one is what Todd's lab room in the basement looked like after Ben put all the stuffed animals down there to "bed," under an assortment of table coverings.

Finally, some cute stories for you. We got Ben a toy cash register at Costco recently, since he has enjoyed doing pretend shopping for a while now. Today he was combining his telephone conversation play with the shopping and was overheard to say, "Bring me all the money." We wondered if he was playing grocery or bank robbery!
Later he said he was giving all the (play) money to our friend Rachel because "she's all out of money."

And Sarah... this one just blew us away. She was sitting in her high chair while I was getting dinner out, and I heard her hum a phrase that went "hm hm hm hmmm" and I thought, that sounds a lot like "Winnie the Pooh" (they like watching Pooh videos). I asked her if she was humming the Pooh song, and sang it, and then she hummed it again, said "Pooh!" and then "I sing!" And I have to add that she had the rhythm exactly right and the pitch was definitely in the relative neighborhood. We were floored and I must have been beaming!

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