Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm back from my weekend with my family and frantically working to get ready for the craft fair on Saturday. So much to do! I think I can safely say there will be no inspiration challenge for this week - sorry about that. I'm going crazy making cards and card sets from Stampin' Up! scrapbook kits. I cut all the pieces before my trip and took them along to work on - most notably in the airport when I had a 3+ hour layover coming home. I definitely attracted a lot of attention sitting and stamping in the food court! But I did get a lot of card fronts done. I can't turn them all into finished cards this week but I'll do what I can. I still need to make some candy boxes, snowman soup (cocoa mix with a few marshmallows, Hershey kisses, a candy cane and a cute poem), mini photo frame ornaments, and if possible Christmas gift bags and tags. Whew, I'm tired. I hope the craft fairs go well after all this work.

My visit with my niece Hannah was wonderful. She is just beautiful and hanging in there with her recovery. The doctors say she's really doing well, but she is becoming more aware of how many tubes she's on and it's been bothering her. I was there when she woke up on Sunday afternoon and was really glad that I got to see her with her eyes open, but it was harder to see her like that when we could tell she was realizing her discomfort. I think once she's off the ventilator she will be more comfortable. She will be in the hospital 2-4 more weeks, depending on how her recovery goes. I won't see her again until Christmas, and I know she'll have changed a lot by then! This photo of her is from Saturday, when the nurse for that day dressed her up with a bow and Disney stickers.

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