Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend update

Well, the open house is behind me and maybe now I can get back to more frequent blogging! I'd say the event was a success, even though only 8 people came. I sold quite a few of my cards and card sets, and one person is going to order some stamps. I had prepared materials for everyone to make a couple Christmas cards (known as make and takes, or M&T's, in the stamping world) and people seemed to enjoy them - since I have extras and will be sending them out myself I will keep you guessing and not post them here! It was nice to see some friends and neighbors and be able to share stamping with them, and they even gave me some ideas about where I might sell some of my stuff. So I felt very good about it, and now I need to get busy replenishing my stock for the two craft fairs coming up.

It's been interesting to watch Ben in the past week or so - he seems to be coming out of his shell when it comes to new people. Someone I told this to had the comment, "Ben has a shell?!?" But he really has been quite shy when he was meeting someone unfamiliar, or playing with the neighbor kids, etc. A few days ago I took the kids to a park and Ben started playing with a girl there and talked all day about how he was playing with his new "friend." Last week the kids who live across from us were out playing with their mom and Ben said from the driveway, "Hi! How are you guys doing? Come on over!" And so they did, and they had fun having races across the yard and riding their trikes. I am just so pleased to see him opening up a little and hopefully he will start making some friends at school.

Sarah is constantly wanting to practice her words - every time we pick her up she has to name all the parts of our faces, and she is always pointing to things and naming them. If she doesn't know what something is called, she will ask, "Whazzat?" and then imitate the word after I tell her. A new word from yesterday: "uh-bulls" (vegetables). And last week she finally started saying a word that I expected to hear long ago: "Ben!" I can't believe she is 18 months old. She had her checkup at the pediatrician last Friday and she's doing great, although she is of course still petite. My friend Maria came to the open house with her 13-month-old who is just a little bigger than Sarah. But as long as she's healthy I'm happy!

I'm finally getting my voice back after a week of laryngitis. It was awful. I managed to talk through the open house yesterday but I definitely didn't sound 100% better. I need to keep myself well this week because this weekend I'm going to Indy to see my new niece, Hannah, who has her first surgery today. All reports have been that she's doing well and so they expect her to come through surgery fine, but the 48 hours afterward are the most critical. Brian and Christine got to hold Hannah for several hours yesterday and were just thrilled about that. I'm glad that I'll be able to go and help out for a couple days, and of course get to see this beautiful and special little girl.

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