Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or treat!

I'm taking a quick break from my stamping frenzy to give the Halloween report - and then it's back to work!

Halloween sort of started on Tuesday with Ben's school party and costume parade. All the kids paraded around in a circle - it was really cute. Ben didn't seem to want to march in line with the rest of the kids so one of the teachers had a close eye on him - always doing his own thing! Then they had a group photo and all the kids told what they were. Ben had decided to be an astronaut a long time ago so we partially reused his costume from two years ago. The helmet we got from a catalog, and it's really huge so he didn't wear it. Todd used it to carry a flashlight.

Sarah's Halloween costume was supposed to be a little green alien. We had a friend from my online moms' group make it custom. Unfortunately it is lost in the mail somewhere, so we had to improvise. We ended up making Sarah an astronaut as well. Todd wanted to turn the stroller into the lunar lander but we ran out of time.

We went trick or treating in our neighborhood for the first time, and joined up with several other young families who live right around us. It was a lot of fun, but would have been more fun for me if I didn't have a horrible case of laryngitis right now. Here is most of the bunch:

Back at home Ben checked out his candy and Sarah checked out everything else. We were hoping to take a bunch more photos but no one was being very cooperative.

Now we are navigating the Halloween candy mine field with Ben. He definitely has a sweet tooth (don't know where he would have gotten that from) and it's probably good that our neighborhood's houses are far apart and we didn't make it to very many. It'll be interesting to see what Ben thinks of some of his candy because sometimes he just picked the worst ones (do people actually like Almond Joy? ick) so we need to give him a better education on which ones are good. I absconded with his one Reese's peanut butter cup (my favorite, and the only candy soft enough for me to eat) and later Ben looked in the trash and said, "I think you ate one." He caught on fast! Today at lunch he had some M&M's, which are his favorite candy right now, and I was tickled to see him eating them by color. I know at least one grandparent out there who will appreciate that!

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