Monday, November 19, 2007


Here is the latest on my TMJ. It's now been about 10 weeks since my first visit when I was put on the soft diet. The past few days I've been having more pain even with chewing soft things, and more general discomfort in my jaw. Probably about what I was normally used to dealing with, actually. But I suspected that I needed to go ahead and get a replacement splint (retainer) made since the one I have just doesn't feel right. The doctor agreed that it was making my lower jaw jut forward and that isn't what he wants. The earliest I could get in to have impressions (from which they make the new splint) is December 6, which makes me worried I won't get the new splint before we leave for the holidays (date TBD, but I was thinking around Dec. 20). I guess we'll have to wait to make any plans until I find out how long it'll take.

The part of the checkup that made my heart drop into my shoes was before we talked about making a new splint - the doctor said that the next step in treatment would be Botox injections. I guess it must make the muscles relax, since that is still where I have my pain. But ugh - not something I want to endure, presumably over and over and over again! I will cross my fingers that a new splint will take care of things, and if everyone reading could do the same... that would be wonderful.

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