Friday, October 17, 2008

Overheard at our house...

Thought I'd share some funny stuff the kids have said today. I've really fallen down on the job with keeping track of these things!

I'm thinking Sarah is going to be a girly girl. When I was in Chicago I got a pedicure and I'm still enjoying my painted toenails, even though the weather is too cold to show them off. Sarah always remarks on them, though, and this morning she looked down at her own naked toenails and said, "My toes are all messed up."

She also has been growing a bit so I've gotten some new clothes, and we have to try everything on since she is hard to fit. This morning I came down with clothes to put in her backpack, and she said, "I want to try on more new clothes!" Oy, this girl as a teenager could be interesting. Or she could be just like me, LOL. Here's a photo I took of her while she was trying stuff on.

This morning Ben, for the first time, commented on a dream he had. He said there was an elevator (not a surprise if you know Ben) where the doors opened the wrong way (top to bottom) and we were in a store where we couldn't find the way out. Wow, I thought, anxiety dreams coming up already? I have them ALL the time. So I asked him how he felt in the dream when we couldn't find the way out. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "I just felt silly. It was just a dream." Well, duh, Mom.

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