Tuesday, August 18, 2009


the newest member of the Divine Divas! Please give a warm welcome to Anne Harmon (aka jdmommy on SCS). I decided to add a new designer to our team so that we could all have even more amazing artistry to admire with each challenge. She will be playing along with us for the first time this week!

As a way of introduction, I asked Anne to answer the "getting-to-know-you" questions the rest of the team had answered back in April. So without further ado, here is the Q&A!

(1) Where is your hometown?
My hometown is Lynn MA, but I really lived the longest in Cincinnati OH. I also lived in Iowa, Missouri, and 2 other places in MA.

(2) Where do you live now (if different)?
I now live in Wayland MA, where I have been for 30 years. It's a small town 25 miles west of Boston. [LR: That means Anne and I are neighbors, sort of! Isn't that cool?]

(3) How long have you been stamping?
I have been stamping for five years. I really had no interest in stamping until my DD invited me to a SU party, and haven't been able to keep a dollar in my wallet since then!

(4) What is your favorite stamping/cardmaking style?
My favorite cardmaking/stamping style is humorous. I love funny stamps and sentiments. I also love a classic style, with beautiful flowers and designs.

(5) What do you find most challenging or difficult when you're making a card?
What I find most difficult or challenging when making a card is gathering papers that blend. I have LOTS of dp and cs, but getting them together into something that pleases me takes me the most time, and is sometimes the most exasperating!

(6) What is your all-time favorite color?
My all-time favorite color is RED, RED, and more RED! My grandmother always loved RED, and wore it for every happy occasion. I guess that's where my love of it comes from!

(7) What is your favorite technique?
My favorite technique is embossing. I love to heat emboss and see the powder turn to liquid and shine! I also love dry embossing, with either a light box and brass plate, or the CB. I think my favorite tool is the machine........I have lots of folders, nesties, and die cuts, and I love to see what happens just by turning that crank!!

(8) What is your favorite embellishment? What do all of your cards have to have?
I guess my favorite embellishment is ribbon. I must have 400 spools of ribbon. I keep it in boxes according to color in a big closet in my craft room, and I'm always adding to it. I just bought two rolls today!! Not all my cards have to have ribbon, but I love to add some sort of embellishment, even when I make a CAS card. My least favorite is using eyelets, although I have hundreds of them!

(9) What do you usually start with when designing a card? The colors, the image, or something else?
When I start designing a card, sometimes I start with an image, and sometimes with a layout idea. At times, I have even been known to start with a special ribbon, and work from there. I guess there is no tried and true formula when making any card, so I try to be flexible. (Boy! Would my DH laugh at that!)

Anne, thanks for sharing a little about you with us - I know we are thrilled that you are joining us and we can't wait to add your creations to our challenges!

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pam124 said...

Congrats Anne - Can't wait to see your beautiful designs on this blog. You have an amazing gallery!