Friday, September 11, 2009

A historic week

Sorry that I haven't been around! This week both kids started school - Ben in kindergarten and Sarah at the same preschool where Ben went for two years. So it's been busy. Here are just a few photos - I didn't get very many of Ben getting on the bus because it was a bit of a madhouse. We are lucky to have lots of kids in our neighborhood and several of them are in the same school (K-2).

Anyway... here is Ben waiting for the bus...

and on the bus - you can just barely see him sitting in the left front seat. He seems to have that as his regular seat and he likes being in the front!

Sarah's turn, outside the preschool...

and after school, playing on the playground - she was having a great time playing peekaboo!

They both enjoyed their first day - and for Ben, he's had two days now. He is in full-day K four days and I think it's going to be great for him. After he got home yesterday, he said that when he got to school he was a little nervous but then he realized that kindergarten was going to be fun. That's my boy! As for Sarah, she'd be happy to get on the bus and go to school with her big brother, but I think she's going to love preschool and do great. I'm really proud of my kids - and in disbelief at how fast the time is going!

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