Sunday, May 25, 2008

Virtual craft fair

Since this is the time of year when people are needing teacher gifts, or any other kind of gifts, I'm offering my craft fair stash for sale here. If you see anything you want, just let me know. Everything is labeled so you can order with the letter-number combination that's on the photo ("I'd like post-it holder 1B"). I can also do a limited number of custom orders, so feel free to ask.

You can click the photos to view them larger. If you want better photos or more information... yep, just ask! :)

Coaster Photo Holders: These have a clothespin on the inside to hold a photo and they stand up on a table or desk. You can click here to see one in action. $3

My latest incarnation of post-it holders. Comes with mini gel pen. $3; if you'd like it to be magnetic, I can add a magnet strip to the back for another 50 cents. Most of these, I have at least two available.

Domino magnets $2.50

Magnet sets $2

Domino necklaces $3

Not pictured are my individual cards or emergency card kits. Individual cards you can pretty much see by scrolling my blog; they are $3 each or 4/$10. The kits come in versions for husbands, working moms, grandmas, friendship, holiday, and occasion, and they are 6 cards for $12. The cards in the kits are simpler than the individual cards I make. If you want more info on those, ask away!

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