Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've made a difficult decision

I have decided that I am going to discontinue my weekly inspiration challenges--for the time being, anyway--the reasons being:

(1) My life has gotten busier and it's become harder to find the time to do the challenge - and then it feels more like an obligation and it's just not as fun.

(2) The lack of participation is just too disheartening to me. :(

If anyone out there is reading and is really disappointed by this news, let me know, please! I may decide to bring the challenges back someday. Or I may just do them when I feel led to and not on a weekly schedule. I know that I will not stop seeing inspiration everywhere I go, so I'm sure that the concept will still be around on my blog.

In the meantime I plan to keep posting SCS and other challenge cards, SU club projects, and fun stuff I make for my Etsy shop - so I hope that will keep you all coming back to my blog. I know I love sharing my stamping with all of you! Thanks for your understanding and your support.

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

What if you went to once a month instead of once a week.... Or every other month?