Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Apple picking

We made a date with our friends Abby and Ethan to go apple picking yesterday, which we've now done three years in a row. We had to go now because Abby is starting kindergarten so we won't be able to see quite so much of her. We had a fun time - the weather was lovely and the kids just had a ball. Ben, Abby, and Ethan did most of the picking. Sarah spent most of the time walking around with two apples in her hands. We picked (according to Ben) "sooooo many apples!" and then played on the playground/petting zoo and had a treat of cider donuts, which Ben and Sarah both went nuts for. And who wouldn't? We must have worn the kids out because they both conked out on the drive home. It was a lovely pre-fall day. Hard to believe that the leaves are already turning and fall and winter are just around the corner.

I have to share a quick and hilarious Ben story. A couple nights ago we had omelets for dinner. The conversation of me hoping the kids would have some of the egg went like this:
Mommy: "Sarah, would you like some egg?"
Sarah: "Yaaaah!"
Mommy: "Ben, would you like some egg?"
Ben: "No, thank you. (pause) I'm not a person who likes eggs. (pause) God didn't make me that way."
Todd and I both lost it completely.

Oh, and I might as well add, Sarah answers questions all the time with "Yaaaah!" now. It is the cutest thing, and has the added benefit of really simplifying mealtime. If I don't get an answer then I know I haven't asked the right question. She is continuing to impress us daily with her verbal skills. I swear tonight she was trying to say "Oh dear" and "Let's see." And she is awfully cute with my stamping stuff - she can pick up a stamp or some adhesive or something else and mimick what she's seen me do with it. The last time I had the courage to take her to a scrapbooking store (she makes a mess of everything when I try it, having forgotten how it went the last time I tried) she was walking around picking stickers and things off of very low hooks on the wall, saying "Ooooooh!" to all the eye candy. That's my girl! I've been in the midst of a kid card frenzy but I don't have photos of all of them yet. Maybe when I have a whole bunch I'll post them all at once.

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