Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weekly roundup

Well, I'm finally back after having spent the past week frantically making cards and getting ready for the big kid stuff sale today. I thought I'd try to summarize what we've been up to. I don't think I can possibly include everything that's happened, but I will do my best to recap the highlights!

Sunday, 9/9: Homecoming Sunday at our church. The church was basically on vacation for the summer, so it felt good to be back. Ben was thrilled to start back to Sunday school.

Monday, 9/10: I was supposed to have my first voice lesson of the fall but had to cancel due to some TMJ issues. I'm hoping things are going to get better soon. The choir I sing with started back up. We are smaller this year, which is definitely a concern. But we have a new rehearsal location - yippee! It's about 10 minutes closer and there is parking, so no more circling Harvard Square with all the rest of the parking sharks. I think I will enjoy the music, but unfortunately my jaw didn't permit me to sing as much as I wanted.

Tuesday, 9/11: Ben's first full day at his new preschool. He seems excited about the new school and settled right in at his orientation on the 6th. I'm hoping being in this setting will help him start to make some friends and be a bit more social since he definitely seems very shy.

The kids also "helped" me price things for the yard sale.

Wednesday, 9/12: The great diaper debacle of the week. I decided to take the kids to check out a bunch of new stores at a local mall, but on the way Ben had some "issues" and so we had to turn around. I will spare you any further gory details. I think he may be developing his daddy's sensitive tummy, because it's happened a couple times since, and each time as soon as he's, um, finished, he is instantly fine. But in the midst of these episodes he is not a happy camper.

Thursday, 9/13: Todd's dad, Jerry, arrived late in the evening to do some work in the house and attend Todd's lab open house on Saturday.

Friday, 9/14: Last blitz before the big sale on Saturday. I stayed up way too late finishing everything. The kids had fun watching Grandpa Jerry build some bookcases for Todd and playing outside.

Saturday, 9/15: The yard sale (which ended up being a school cafeteria sale because it poured rain) was pretty disappointing. I brought back a whole lot of what I took, and I didn't sell a single card. I think it was just the wrong venue, and it didn't help that baby stuff wasn't selling well so when people saw I didn't have what they wanted, they didn't even make it to where the cards were. I'm going to be thinking of other ways I might be able to seriously sell cards, so I'm all ears for suggestions. We enjoyed Todd's open house, but we got there fairly late because everything else took longer than expected, and the kids were not so patient. But at least Jerry got to finally see where Todd works.

Now we are just completely wiped out, but tomorrow Todd starts teaching a 7- or 8-week Sunday school class at church and he has another busy week at work ahead, so things will probably stay hectic for a while. I have a big freelance project that I need to get started on tomorrow, and I also need to clean my stamping space again - after the week I've had it's back to disaster-area status. Ugh.

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