Monday, September 3, 2007

Okay, this just scares me

We moved this bookcase from the basement into Sarah's room last night. Ben occupied himself for quite a while arranging books and toys on the shelves, grouping things together and facing the toys the right way. Let me emphasize - he did all this himself. Todd only put the CD player on top. I'm truly frightened and scared of being the only clutteraholic in the family!

We've been really busy, so sorry for not posting anything in a few days. Todd is getting ready for the Sept. 15 Family Day at his lab, when people can come in and see the facilities for the first time in seven years. (It took them this long after 9/11 to get ready for another open house.) His dad is also coming for a visit soon so he's trying to finish some house projects before then. I've been working on some freelance projects and also frantically making kid cards for the tag sale (also on the 15th) and still have so much to do. Last night I cleaned up my stamping area because it seems like I spend as much time hunting for things to make the cards as I do making the cards. Let's see if I can keep things organized. But I haven't finished a card since Friday. For those who are curious, here are the three cards I made that day. Sorry I don't have time to post more details about them. These were my first ever Halloween cards, which I will put into the tag sale batch. The last one is called a tent topper card, and that was the first one of those I had made also. I thought it ended up looking like a quilt block on top - anyone know the name of that pattern? It wasn't intentional but I thought it was cool that it ended up that way!

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