Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sarah's first haircut

My baby got her hair cut today for the first time! It was a spontaneous decision since Ben was getting his cut and it was slow and the lady asked me if I wanted Sarah's done, too. I've already heard the comment that she looks even more like me now - I guess we both have the same flippy thing going on on the sides, don't we? But she has such soft and fine hair, which mine is definitely not. Well, I still think she's adorable regardless. And for a first haircut she did pretty well - way better than Ben's first, but then again she has 6 months of age on him compared to when he got his first one. It helped that she got to sit on a (stationary) carousel horse, which she calls a jumping horse. And this being New England, where malls tend to have carousels, she is already familiar with the species!

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