Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well, that was a travel nightmare

I'm home - and when, you ask, did I arrive home? At 4:30 this morning.

Yes, I spent a lovely 7.5 hours at Dulles airport yesterday. My brother dropped me off at 6:45 - a bit early so he could get to his flight at Reagan - and only then did I find out my 8:55 flight was delayed till 10:30. At some point (9ish?) we were told our plane hadn't left Boston yet - it was supposed to depart around 7. So we all sat, and sat, and sat... they were charging to rebook for today (boo hiss, Jet Blue) so we just had to wait it out. Finally at 12:30 a.m. the plane left Boston - it arrived around 1:45 and they had us boarding at 2. I was impressed that they turned it around so quickly - but right now I am sooo tired. Needless to say, no challenge today - sorry, but I'm just not up to it! I'm supposed to be catching up on work but who knows if I'll even be able to get started.

Despite travel nightmares, I'm really glad I was there for my grandfather's funeral. It was really lovely (although like everywhere else on the East Coast - it was HOT). My brother was asked to give a tribute representing our generation and he did such a wonderful job - he had probably been closest to Grandpa because they had had a lot of discussions about faith in the past few years. Brian even received Grandpa's Bible that he'd been using since 1981, full of notes and thoughts and ideas - just an amazing thing to see. My dad had composed a choral piece that used a couple hymns that Grandpa had chosen, and they played a CD of it during the funeral. It was so beautiful, and moving - I didn't find out till afterward that my dad was sobbing while it was playing. I'm so glad I was there - it was such a testament to Grandpa's life and faith, and really made me think of the legacy he has passed on.

I also wanted to add this little anecdote. I already knew that before my grandma died, my grandpa whispered in her ear that he'd see her soon. What I didn't know till this week was that she answered him - "The sooner the better." I hope this was soon enough for both of them. It warms my heart to think of them reunited again.

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