Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm in a stamping funk

It hasn't been the best week in my stamping world. I guess I have to admit that I didn't win the Paper Crafts contest - I knew the odds were against it but I was kind of excited about the possibility. Maybe someday I'll post my cards... right now I look at them and only see the things I don't like about them.

I lost a couple blog subscribers - I've tried hard to build my readership so it makes me sad when people unsub. I'd love to hear feedback on what you like about my blog or what could be improved. I've been bummed that only a couple people have played the inspiration challenges. I love doing them so I know I would still do it anyway, even if it weren't an official challenge - but I'm curious if I should be doing something differently to encourage more players.

I could really use your mojo coming my way this weekend. Saturday something special is happening (I'll let it be a surprise for now) and I hope it'll be great. And tonight and tomorrow, I'm working on plans and hopefully laying the groundwork to take over a fellow demo's monthly stamp club after she moves overseas. I'm super excited about the possibility - I just hope the three ladies in the club want to continue with me! Later in the summer I'm planning to do an open house and free stamping night for them and anyone else who might be interested, and I really want these events to go well. Tomorrow night is my second time to meet with the club as they are having their last meeting with their current demo hostess. Some good things happening would go a long way toward boosting my mood!

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Anonymous said...

Greetings, Lori! (: I love your blog! (: Even though I read it to get the scoop on how life is treating you, I am constantly amazed at your creativity in stamping and the lovely cards you create! (: So, while I'm no stamping expert, I definitely think you have a natural gift for expression and should keep with it (as long as it continues to bring you enjoyment!) (:
Here's hoping for sunshine to come through that blue funk!
Love -- Wendi (: