Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're home

Whew, that was a long trip. Sorry that I've been MIA for the last part of it. No time for stamping because we kept moving from place to place and I never got my supplies out of the van!

It was a good trip. We enjoyed my father-in-law's wedding very much - his new wife is just lovely and we wish them much happiness.

The visits with my various family members were all wonderful, too. I have some photos but they are on our two laptops and not accessible to me right now, so they will have to come later.

The trip ended on a down note when Todd came down with a stomach bug yesterday. The kids and I had been sick right before we left Indy, so it seems like a long time in between, but I'm really hoping it's the same bug and not a new one. This is no time for me to get sick, and kids with stomach bugs are never any fun! Last night I wasn't sure we'd even make it home today, but Todd felt well enough to travel as a passenger by 10 this morning. It made for a long day for me having to do all the driving, but we survived.

Now I just need to finish getting ready for the open house on Friday and get caught up on everything that always crashes down on you when you come home from being gone for three weeks. So... I won't promise that you will see me back here before the weekend, but I will be posting soon because - my shipment of new catalog goodies is finally arriving tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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