Thursday, September 20, 2007


My project for the day is experimenting with dominos. I think I'm getting better - but not quite there yet. I'm throwing this out to all the SCS experts to tell me what you think - how am I doing with these? The top three have a sponged StazOn background and are also stamped in StazOn. The bottom ones are alcohol ink backgrounds, and clearly I'm doing something wrong in stamping with StazOn because it's not working. On the last one (it's a poinsettia, although it doesn't look much like it...) I tried regular ink and that doesn't seem right either. Please help! Any ideas, comments, suggestions, etc., will be most welcome!

(The blue one in the middle is a snowflake stamp - hard to see in the photo.)


Tracy.H said...

These look great. This is something I have been wanting to try myself. Love to see what ideas you get on this one! :0)

ldyhawke02 said...

These are beautiful. Thankyou for sharing.