Friday, September 21, 2007

More dominos!

I worked hard on dominos last night and early this morning so I could finish some and get photos to send off with my craft fair application today. I hope they like them and I get a spot in the fair - the deadline is October 1 so I'm a bit close. Cross your fingers! Thought you might like to see the final versions I submitted. The marble key I just added the cord; the iris I filled in the stamp with a black Sharpie. The others are all new. I figured out my problem - I wasn't letting the alcohol backgrounds dry long enough. When I let them dry overnight I had no trouble stamping on them. The first four are necklaces and the next four are Christmas ornaments.

I know I haven't posted much about family goings-on this week, other than my TMJ crisis. I have an appointment with a TMJ specialist next Thursday so we'll see what he says. I'm feeling much more upbeat now that I have the craft fair to work toward, and just waiting to hear what the prognosis and treatment will be.

It was a pretty uneventful week otherwise. Ben is still liking his new school, and he seems to be learning new things already. Yesterday he was trying to draw on one of our magnetic drawing toys and was working at holding the "pencil" correctly. That's definitely not something we taught him! Sarah had her first music class without Ben yesterday. Ben has been going to Music Together since he was about Sarah's age, and this year his school conflicts with our regular class so he can't go. Sarah seemed shy at first but she clearly loved playing instruments of any kind. I think she will come out of her shell as she gets used to being there again, and without Ben, because she is normally a much more social creature than anyone else in the family! Fortunately Ben doesn't seem to be sad about not going. He was enthusiastic about listening to the new CD in the car. There will be a couple Thursdays where he won't have school and then he'll get to go.

Looking forward to the weekend... nothing major happening, so I'm going to do some of my freelance work, go back to making cards, which I haven't done in several days, and hopefully relax with Todd some. Sunday is our 7th anniversary and we're having our first date night in quite a while to celebrate. Can't wait!


Tracy.H said...

These look great! Love the purple one in the first pic! :0)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dominoes! But how do you get the holes in without breaking them??? Love the key one best!

Sarosa said...


These are gorgeous! I've been researching dominos, and found your post on splitcoast. Anyway, I was wondering if you could tell me how much you sold the necklaces for?

Thanks so much,
Sarah K