Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday family news bulletin

I know I've been posting lots of cards lately, which is fun for me but not as interesting to those of you out there who want to know how we're doing. So let me see if I can catch you up. Actually not a whole lot is going on. Todd is busy working on his proposals and I'm doing my best to keep the kids entertained and myself from going over the deep end! So far we're hanging in there. Unfortunately snowy and/or cold days have kept us indoors a lot. I'm ready for spring!

No news on the TMJ front. My doctor's office has not been successful thus far in getting ahold of the Botox people. Of course, it's hard to believe they are coming down on the other doctor for not returning their calls when my doctor's office hasn't been returning mine. Grr. I hope this will be resolved sometime during my lifetime, sigh. They are going to try calling again tomorrow - today, apparently, the Botox guy is not working.

As if jaw pain wasn't enough, I've also developed tennis elbow from carrying Sarah too much. I guess I should call it toddler elbow. It's really painful and so far my efforts to carry her less and take Advil as needed aren't really doing anything. Looks like another doctor visit is probably in my future. I doubt I'll make it in this week, though. This weekend I'll be taking the kids to visit my Indianapolis family so there will be a lot going on before then!

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