Friday, January 11, 2008

News from the week

Always busy here at our house and this week was no exception! Todd is frantically working on two huge proposals due at the end of the month that will hopefully ensure funding for his work for the next fiscal year. And I'm frantically working on an editing project that came in kinda last-minute with a 2-week turnaround - not normally a challenge but for a busy mom, that's pretty quick.

Anyway, here's the news that's worth telling... I had a TMJ checkup today. The doctor is having me go ahead with Botox injections. Not really something I'm looking forward to, but he says for most patients it only takes once. I am going to beat down those pessimistic thoughts that say I am not most patients, and hope wholeheartedly that it will work. I can eat a few more things than I was at first, and I can manage to sing a hymn in church with only some pain... but not good enough. I want my life back, and I hope this is the way to get it.

Ben and Sarah had a good week. Ben started his new enrichment class, "African Safari," on Tuesday and got to be the superstar (the one who does the weather and calendar each day) on Thursday. It is wonderful to see how much he loves school. Sarah's new session of Music Together started on Thursday. They changed to a new location, a room in a gymnastics place, and it's much bigger with bouncy floors and mirrors and Sarah was like a different kid. (The old room was a church Sunday school classroom.) She was exploring everything, running around in circles, and just generally doing her own thing! Several people commented on how different she was, since she used to mostly sit quietly on my lap. She'll be dancing in no time! I wondered whether we'd have time to add a Gymboree class to our week - I'm thinking no, but I bet she would love it. Maybe during the summer.

I have a possibility of doing a fair at a local company around Valentine's Day - waiting to get confirmation that I'll actually be selected to do it. In the meantime I don't want to make a boatload of stuff, but I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I'd like to make. Lots of cards, of course! I'd love to hear ideas if anyone has suggestions. I also had a neighbor order some cards, which was a nice surprise, so I worked on those a bit, but mostly I've been editing today. Maybe tomorrow there will be time for more stamping... one can always hope!

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