Sunday, March 16, 2008

America's next top model?

Sarah just cracks me up. I think I've already posted photos of her walking around wearing a hat and boots. Her latest obsession: her new Crocs. I got her a pair that fit now (well, barely) and then another pair in the next size up. She alternates between both pairs around the house and would wear them all the time if she could. I guess I know what she'll be wearing this summer! Here she is in a typical Sarah ensemble: her L.L. Bean fleece hat, her favorite Gymboree outfit with cupcakes, and her new Crocs! (Why is that I thought Crocs were hideous until I saw them on my kids' feet? Maybe they're cuter because they're small?)

Here's a cute photo of Ben just for good measure. Nice shots of him are hard to come by these days, but I think this one is kind of sweet!

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