Friday, March 28, 2008

A quick kid post

I haven't shared any kid stuff this week so I thought I'd post a couple cute things. First, a Ben story: Tomorrow his uncle Greg is taking him to the circus and I'm going along. Ben is very excited about this event. We were surprised to learn that the circus actually doesn't have any big animals like lions, tigers, elephants - only dogs and horses. I thought that was a bummer, but Ben didn't care. Here's how the conversation went from there:

Ben: "I can't wait to see the dogs!! (pause) What will the dogs do in the circus?"'

Me: "I don't know... they'll probably do some tricks."

Ben: "What kind of tricks?"

Me: "I bet they'll do some tricks with balls or something."

Ben: "Maybe they'll EAT!"

Todd said, when you don't have pets at home, watching animals do anything at all is exciting!

Sarah did something so cute this morning, and I actually managed to get a photo of it. She sat down on this wastebasket, and I thought, what is she doing?? And then she said "Sing 'Baila,'" which is a Spanish song we did at music class that was her favorite, and I realized she was sitting there like our beloved teacher Tom sat on his drum, which is called a djembe (never mind that she should be sitting on it the other direction so that she could play it!). As for Nemo, well, he's pretty much her constant companion, so I have no other reason for his presence. Guess who will be having a Nemo cake for her second birthday!

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