Sunday, July 6, 2008

Catch-up weekend...

Not a whole lot going on around here - I've been hard at work trying to catch up on my freelance projects. The one I'm currently working on is almost done - good thing since it's due tomorrow. Two others are in the queue to finish by July 29 and then we'll be off to visit family and I am hoping to take a break!

I've been cleaning in my stamping space... it's slow going. I'm realizing that some stuff has to just go - old magazines and clothes especially. If I could clear out some extra storage space I'd be so much better off. One hour, one day at a time...

I placed my order for all my new SU goodies but I'm guessing the earliest it would ship would be Tuesday. They were inundated with orders and then the holiday weekend came so lots of us are just waiting. I'm starting to see some projects around from the folks who paid extra to get their orders expedited and I'm so envious!

I'm hoping that in the coming week I'll have a bit more stamping time. It was rough getting this freelance project done but I think I'll have a little breathing room after tomorrow. Not a lot, but a little... we'll see. I know I didn't get a Christmas card made this week. I'm also hoping to do a little work on a couple ABC projects I've been cooking up, but I might wait for my new stuff to come so I can show that at the same time... we'll see how the week goes!

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