Monday, July 21, 2008

News of the week

Yesterday I said that this week I'd probably be scarce around here, and that's looking more and more true. Here is what's going on...

We have some family commitments and travel plans coming up in August, including my father-in-law's wedding. So the inspiration challenge is going to go on vacation until August 27. Sorry to have to skip this week but there is just too much to do. I have one more (large) freelance project to take care of this month, plus my studio is nowhere clean enough to host my stamping open house on August 22.

Also, my wonderful dear friend Trudy has moved to the Boston area from Illinois and I'll be seeing her and her kids tomorrow - yay!!

I've made a renewed effort to work some exercise into my days. I decided to get the Wii Fit and I love it - my goal is 30 minutes a day and 15 lbs lost in six months. Wish me luck! I can tell I've gotten horribly out of shape since I've been oh so sore since I started, but I think I'm less so this morning.

Finally, here are some kid funnies for you.

Ben, on realizing a light wasn't coming on as it should: "I tried to turn on the light but it's unbulbed."

Todd was reading to Sarah at bedtime a few days ago. He told her they were "all done reading." She turned around and looked at him and said, "And then snuggle?" Awww!

The other day Sarah was singing. I wasn't paying much attention but Todd said, "Is she singing the Pink Panther?" I listened, and it sure sounded like she was. Ben then told us that the babysitter sings it to Sarah while they bounce around the sitter's swimming pool.

It's been sooooo hot here - I hope that wherever you are, you are having a nicer summer than we are. It's been like Florida. And I can't even believe that summer will be over in just a few more weeks!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you that Trudy is going to be close by -- what a wonderful blessing!
Way to go on your commitment to exercise - hang in there, the results can take a while to show up, but when they do, you'll feel great! Your goal is very realistic, so that's good. :) (Sorry, had to get my PT voice in there!)
Take care!