Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh how I love the Container Store!

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to be heading there this morning. Well....... I got myself a nice little birthday present (in advance). I was just browsing their rows upon rows of organizing stuff, thinking I'd get some containers and such, and as usual I let my eye wander over the Elfa closet systems that they sell. How I would swoon if I could have a closet like that... but then I noticed that they had some small units with metal drawers that looked just the right depth for punches and a melamine top that would make a great additional work surface. (After breaking two paper trimmers I really need to get them up off the floor!) I ended up getting four units of this one so that they'll be stacked 2 x 2 and have twice the work surface area and be at counter height. (I got all my drawers with a depth like the top one - it seemed like stuff would just get buried in the deeper drawers.) I couldn't believe how excited I was about this. I really feel like this will change my stamping habits in such an amazing way! Now I just need to clean up the rest of the room so I have a place to put it together and can decide where it should go. Hopefully those pics will come soon, if I get some cleaning time this weekend!

Tomorrow I'll be at a local card shoebox swap all day so I don't expect to post, but I'll be back on Sunday for a special Sunday Bonus Challenge using my swap card. Hope you'll come take a peek!

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