Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quick posting of family news

I have been very stamping-focused here lately so just thought I'd do a quick post to catch everyone up on the rest of our lives.

Todd and the kids all have colds - so far I have escaped. Ben and Sarah are cranky messes and Todd just feels blech. Y'all know that life goes on even when Mommy gets sick so I hope I can avoid this bug!

My TMJ at this point does not seem to have improved with the Botox. Or maybe something else is going on - I have a suspicion that the muscle relaxants I take at night are not as effective as they once were. But I can't get in to see my doctor until March 14. I'm on the hunt for a chiropractor and have a couple names to pursue. I also signed up for the mindfulness stress reduction course (I'll be calling it MSRC) that the pain psychologist told me about last week. I really need something to help, since I'm quite miserable at this point.

My sweet little niece Hannah, who is now four months old and has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, is going in for her second heart surgery tomorrow. She outgrew her shunt from the first surgery sooner than expected so she's having this procedure a few months earlier than planned. Most babies are at least six months when they have this procedure so Hannah is one of the youngest they've ever done. But the doctors are confident that she's ready. I know that any and all prayers and good wishes would be welcome. She can't have any feedings after 4 a.m. but surgery won't be till 12-1 p.m. so it could be a loooooooong morning.

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