Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project Organization, phase 1

No time for stamping today, but I did manage to get my fantabulous Elfa unit put together and filled up over the past few days. Todd helped me assemble it. Just a tip if you buy this and put it together yourself - forget the rubber hammer they say to use. It did hardly anything. We just had to bang away on the metal with a regular hammer and although it did get a bit dinged up in places, since the joints are pretty much covered, I didn't care.

I really love how this works for stamping supplies. By stacking the units 2x2 it comes to counter height, so I'll be putting my paper trimmer here from now on. I've broken two of them by always having them on the floor - no more! I'm also considering investing in a Tonic cutter at some point, so having a surface to keep it on will be critical.

The drawers are the perfect depth for punches, so I envision the left side being my punching station. All of my SU stamp sets are on the right - current favorite sets on top, then backgrounds, then sentiment sets, and so on.

The drawers are deep enough that you can stack three sets up. But I think that will make it harder to find sets I'm looking for, so I'm trying to only stack them two high. If you look closely you'll notice it isn't completely full. Wink, wink. (In all honesty I am trying NOT to shop right now, and actually to use up the stuff I've already bought!)

Here's another set of drawers that I'd gotten earlier at Costco. Ben helped me put this together, believe it or not! Since this one has the mesh drawers that I didn't spring for on the Elfa unit, it's great for all my smaller stuff. This is my heat gun station, so the top drawer holds all my EP, Versamark, glitter, etc. Then I have drawers for coloring tools, rub-ons, scissors, and adhesive. So far this is working really well for getting stuff put away when I'm done using it. That's what I need to achieve with my paper, ink and stamps - if I can do that, then I should be able to keep my stamping table clean!

Speaking of which, it's not presentable yet so these photos are all you're getting for now. There is still a whole lot of clutter in the room so it's far from done, but I was so excited about the progress so far that I just had to share. I'll have to post on update on how it's all working when I get a chance to really try out the new system.

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Jewels said...

Hi Lori,
I'm reorganizing my craft area with Elfa storage too! It will be fun comparing notes! Those drawers are great, aren't they?