Thursday, May 29, 2008

We've been to the farm

Yesterday Ben kept saying, "Tomorrow after lunch we're going to go to the farm and I'm going to ride a horse." Um, news to me! He didn't even know about any specific farm where we could do such a thing. But I thought, it's a rough week with Todd away at a conference, and if the weather is nice and I can find a place, maybe that would be a fun excursion. So after school, lunch, and a little nap for Sarah, on a really gorgeous day, we went to Davis Farmland, which is not that far from us. I didn't think there was going to be any horse-riding, but in fact, they do have pony rides!

It's really a wonderful place. They have a whole bunch of animals, which kids can sometimes get up close and personal with - and some were just roaming free within the animal showcase area and were following us around, bleating or clucking or whatever else farm animals do! They had a lot of babies, seeing as how spring is not that far in the past, and they were all so cute. I especially loved the baby goats (OK, and the 8-week-old kittens they have available for adoption - swoon - but I didn't really think of them as part of the farm).

Here are the kids brushing the baby cows...

...and looking for geese and ducks...

...and petting various baby goats that were milling around...

It was a lot of fun. And Ben was really worn out when we got home, so I think he had a good time!

I guess I'm not getting to any stamping projects today - but tomorrow our sitter is coming to help out in the afternoon so I should get some time in then!

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